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The new website is here!



After a lot of discussion and trouble with my provider because of a really bad malware infection, my old site had to be taken down to prevent further damage. This was really sad for me because I put a lot of work and effort into that site and I was furious that it got infected out of nowhere, even though I kept everything up-to-date. My provider even wanted me to inherit the cost that arose through the malware infection, which came really surprising and in my honest opinion was a bit bold considering they did not warn me the first few times the site had to be closed due to it.

Well, I've got a little benefit though when it comes to my website. Because I am a professional Web Designer, I know the arguably fastest and most efficient ways of creating new websites and I did just that. I couldn't do everything from scratch, because that would have meant a lot of time with no website up, so I decided to go with Joomla and a theme that I liked and adjusted everything to my liking.

So here is the new website. It should have everything on it the last one had as well and some small adjustments. What I regret most in all of this, is the countless hours I invested in getting good search engine optimization and make my site really accessible for Google and co., whereas the new one probably won't rank as well considering I haven't even looked into it. There are also some parts still missing, but they will get added soon enough and I'm planning to add a lyrics section and stuff, but now I really gotta concentrate on making music again instead of working on a website.



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